Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is a large 900 bed tertiary urban hospital. Training in genetics at MGH was established in 1968. Although based in the Department of Pediatrics, trainees have always evaluated children and adults during this rotation. Clinical training at MGH is based in several clinics which have both children and adults as patients. The emphasis in the subspecialty clinics is on learning, not on being a care provider. The affected individuals or patients receiving care are the vehicle for residents to learn about that disorder including diagnosis, management and related basic science.

Patients are seen in the pediatric and adult services and elsewhere in the hospital for inpatient consultations. The genetics inpatient service is staffed Monday morning through Friday afternoon (including nights), by the resident on the MGH rotation and an attending physician. Weekend call, from Friday evening through Monday morning, is covered by the residents and an attending physician.

Outpatient Clinics

Residents attend the following clinics during their two-month rotations at MGH.

  1. General Genetics Clinic
  2. Metabolism Clinic
  3. 22q11 Deletion Clinic
  4. Down Syndrome Clinic
  5. Mitochondrial Disease Clinic
  6. Williams Syndrome Clinic
  7. Turner Syndrome Clinic