The Harvard Medical School (HMS) Genetics Training Program is one of the oldest and largest programs in the country. It was founded by Drs. John Littlefield at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Park Gerald at Children’s Hospital Boston in the early 1970’s. The program has trained scientists and clinicians who have become leaders in academic genetics, and has supported investigators who have made major contributions to the clinical practice of genetics and genetics research.

The HMS Genetics Training Program is accredited by the ABMG in all areas of training – Clinical Genetics, Biochemical Genetics, Cytogenetics, and Molecular Genetics. This provides an opportunity for our trainees to become active candidates for board certification in a discipline(s) of medical genetics in addition to receiving laboratory training. The training laboratories and clinics of the program are centered at HMS and its affiliated institutions including Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), the HMS Department of Genetics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), Boston Children’s Hospital Boston (BCH), Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). The HMS Genetics Training Program provides trainees the opportunity to take advantage of the extraordinarily rich academic environment offered at HMS and its affiliated institutions as well as the greater Boston scientific community.